Tarak is a Kannada movie starring Darshan Thoogudeep,Sruthi Hariharan and Shanvi Srivastava in prominent roles. The cast also includes Devaraj, Kuri Prathap, AllOK. It is an action romance movie directed by Prakash, with Arjun Janya as the music director, forming part of the crew.

The movie starts with the entry of Challenging Star Darshan who is a great business man and a good sports person in a foreign land and who lives alone with Sarsamma. We also get to know that Darshan doesn’t have a proper bonding with his grandfather and the reason to the same is known in the first half. He also meets his better half in the first half of the movie. The girl none other than Shanvi herself is a stubborn girl who falls in love with Darshan who is equally stubborn. There comes a small twist before interval.
First half rating : 3.8/5

The second half is completely filled with twists and the actual thrill to the movie starts here. The best example for “Bellagirodella haal alla” ಗಾದೆ. I will not be telling more about the second half as you got to watch it yourself for better entertainment. One thing to look out in second half is the awesome performance of Kuri Prathap, Sruthi Hariharan and of course Shanvi Srivastava. I guarantee you that you will have tears filled in you eyes atleast once in the second half.
Second half rating : 5/5

If you want to spend an awesome weekend with your family then this is the movie you got to watch, so just go grab your tickets and enjoy the movie with your family. Pakka family entertainment guaranteed. And last but not the least, the movie has the best best climax. Don’t miss the climax. Climax be the best part of the movie 👌
Overall rating : 4.4/5

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